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UPDATE – The Grand Aerie has extended the deadline for membership renewals. If you did not renew by July 9, you can still do so at no penalty and keep your membership tenure. Please stop in once the club has reopened, November 2, to bring your membership up to date.

DUES – Dues renewal notices have been sent in the mail to members. If you have not received your renewal notice you can still pay according to your membership status. Aerie Members – Beneficial member – $35, non-beneficial – $30. Auxiliary Members – Beneficial member – $26, non-beneficial, $25. ALL dues can be mailed to Gettysburg Eagles 1562, 61 N. 5th St., Gettysburg, PA 17325.
**If you are not sure whether you are a beneficial or non-beneficial member, it will state so on your membership card.
**If you have not received your dues renewal in the mail you can still send your payment based off of the dues fees listed above. Please write on your check the GAID # and member # listed on your membership card.

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For More Information Contact 717-334-5816

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